Bellow are some of the most frequently asked questions.
Write us and ask yours:

Is your service really free?

Yes. The service is completely free and all the features are available to every user. We charge a minimal fee for removing the EZ+ logo and customize the slide refresh rates to subset our costs.

Why is it free?

We made the service for our friends that own small businesses that wanted to cut their cable cord and also wanted to display their store products on the TV. After we helped them we thought that other people like you would be interested in the service so we put it on the Apple TV app store for everyone. You are welcome.

Can I display art work or use the service like a screensaver?

Yes, our app can be used as a smart screensaver rotating between informative and entertaining content. If you desire other features then write us.

Does you app support different TV orientations?

Yes, we support setting each TV to one of the four major orientations: landscape, portrait, landscape upside-down, and portrait upside-down.

Does EZ Plus support Organizations/Sites with multiple accounts and different roles?

Yes, when signing up, you will be automatically assigned an organization where you can add Sites to and invite other users to join.  We currently have two levels of permissions in organizations, Organization Admins and Curators. Organization admins have access to all the data within an organization. The Curators are typically assigned to specific sites, cannot see the admin tab in the management application, and cannot add/delete/link TVs.

Can I use your app to display a calendar on the TV?

Yes, we support displaying Google Calendars. All you need is an Apple TV and an account with EZ Plus. Register on our  Dashboard.

Can I use your app to display Google Slide presentations on my TV?

Yes. All you need is an Apple TV and an account with EZ Plus. Register on our Dashboard.

Can I remove the EZ Plus logo from the TV application?

Yes, send an email to and we will help you with setting up a Pro account with us.

Does you app support deployment/linking with MDM software such as JAMF Pro or JAMF School?

Yes. For deployment you will need our Bundle Identifier which is bnm.eztv-phone
For linking the EZ+ app on Apple TVs with the EZ+ management app through your MDM, your MDM needs to support App Configuration (e.g. JAMF Pro or JAMF School). If you need help with your setup, just reach out to us
Here’s the link to our deployment guide.

Can I deploy your App in Single App mode on my Apple TVs?

Yes. In fact this is our recommended deployment mode as EZ+ will come up on boot automatically. Our Bundle Identifier is bnm.eztv-phone
Single App mode is also recommended when you want to link EZ+ apps on your Apple TVs to your management account through your MDM provider in remote locations; The EZ+ app needs to start on the target Apple TV before you can link it with your management account and this is one way of making sure the EZ+ app will start on remote locations.

Can I deploy EZ+ and link it to my management account in remote locations through my MDM software?

Yes. If your MDM supports sending App Configuration alongside the EZ+ app, you can deploy and link your EZ+ app on remote Apple TVs with your management account. Note that you will need to configure the remote device in Single App mode to make sure it comes up on boot.

Can you use Apple TV for digital signage?

Yes. Apple TV can be used for digital signage for free using EZ Plus. Create your account on or on one of your iOS/macOS management applications

How do I turn my TV into digital signage?

Just download EZ Plus on your Apple TV and create an account on Once you link your EZ Plus application on the TV to your management App either on the web on or our iphone/ipad/mac application, you are good to go. Check out our How To section in this website for more information.

Can I use Smart TV as digital signage?

Yes. All you need is an Apple TV and an account on

How can I turn the TV on/off automatically?

Most new TVs have something called CEC. If your TV supports CEC (most new ones do), then you can setup your TV to be turned on and off automatically through your Apple TV using automations on your iphone/ipad/mac. We can help you setup your systems if you are interested in this.