You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers

Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions.

Write us and ask yours:

Is your service really free?

Yes. The service is completely free.

Why is it free?

We made the service for our friends that own small businesses that wanted to cut their cable cord and also wanted to display their store products on the TV. After we helped them we thought that other people like you would be interested in the service so we put it on the Apple TV app store for everyone. Your welcome.

Can I display art work or use the service like a screensaver?

Yes, your request is our command. We added that feature. If you desire other features then write us.

How can I turn the TV on/off automatically?

Most new TVs have something called CEC. If you enable that in the menu settings on your TV then you’ll be good to go. 

Can you use Apple TV for digital signage?

Yes. The Apple TV can be used for digital signage for free. You need a apple computer or iphone and an Apple TV.

How do I turn my TV into digital signage?

Just download the Apple TV app and the app on your iphone or macBook. The iphone app or the macBook app is used to connect to your TV. Check out our How To at the top

Can I use Smart TV as digital signage?

Yes. All you need is an Apple TV and a apple computer or iphone.