All you need is an Apple TV

Let us do the rest for you for FREE.

The Apple TV is used to connect your images and videos to your TV.

Once you have an Apple TV then you just download our ez plus apps–just like you do on your phone.

The video below shows how easy it is to display anything you want on your TV.

We can walk you through the installation if needed–it’s super easy. 

What you may need to get started

You will use your iPhone to control the TV with the products below.
You may already have these products so there is no need to buy.

Apple TV: 4th Gen 32GB

4th Gen apple TV or higher required–must have black remote.

Only 32GB needed to save cost: $150 vs $180

10 foot HDMI Cable

We recommend a 10ft or more HDMI cable

We have tested this cable and it works. 


We recommend you use an old TV and don’t buy until you like the service. 

If you are looking for less expensive TVs then here is one we recommend.